Designbridge Foundation understands the scale and complexities of the issues which act as barriers to accessibility, especially when it comes to dealing with diverse user groups, varied building typologies, lack of awareness and misconceptions about disability related issues, protocols and interdependent roles of different government departments, and lastly but not the least, the vast geographical area of our country India and its diverse population and their unique requirements. The mission to work at grass roots for RTAS РResearch,Training, Awareness, Sensitisization is a huge task and can be achieved only by a collective approach, of getting like minded and committed individuals together on one platform. With this intent, Designbridge Foundation has partnered with committed individuals and organisations across the country, who are spearheading a movement for Disability Awareness in their respective locations in India. This initiative of Designbridge Foundation is titled РAction Group for Enabling Environments ( AGEE )

The Action Group Enabling Environments ( AGEE ) will primarily work in the following three focus areas at grassroots level.

  1. Engagement – With all key stake holders at local level to identify issues and roadblocks.
  2. Representation РTo all key decision makers about the needs and rights of people with disabilities  regarding built infrastructure accessibility and any other concerns affecting the rights of people with disabilities.
  3. Action – Deciding plan of action for follow up for achieving the objectives set out to achieve built environment accessibility and sustain the momentum to make it happen on ground.


Shantanu Ladkat envisages an era of accessibility for all. He is based in Pune, Maharashtra State, India.

Brief Profile – Knowledge of designing accessible websites & applications. Testing of software applications, websites, flash solutions, PDF files, and Assistive technologies. Consulting clients on how to design accessible software and websites.Specializes in disability related laws and accessibility laws, standards and guidelines like Section 508, Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) 2.0, Guideline for Indian Government Websites (GIGW), Daisy, etc.