What we do


  • Campaign mode 365 days implementation of RPWD Act 2016
  • Providing information to people with disability about their human rights(RPWD Act 2016) and  identifying instances of discrimination
  • Assisting people with disability to uphold their rights by speaking with and writing to people and organisations to raise awareness of problems and seek solutions
  • Helping people with disability negotiate complaints processes or legal action to enforce their human rights
  • Writing submissions and lobbying government to make changes that promote and protect the rights of people with disability
  • Campaigning for social change by speaking to the media to raise awareness and highlight situations where people with disability are treated unfairly

Awareness and Sensitisation

  • Social Media engagement campaigns
  • Focused sensitisation workshops / sessions for various user groups
  • Print media articles and press engagement
  • Awareness and activities

Education and Training

  • Technical training programs developed for engineers, architects, government officials
  • IEP developed and delivered to students with disabilities at doorstep / through partner training centers

Transition and Employment

  • Soft skills, job specific training for prospective job seeking candidates with disabilities
  • Employer engagement and training for creating conducive work environment, reasonable accommodation
  • Campaign with prospective employers to create job openings for Persons with Disabilities


  • Introduce DBC as a full service Access Consultancy


Legal Assistance

  • RTI
  • PIL